How wonderful to see council housing – for the first time- recognised with the RIBA Stirling Prize. We applaud Norwich City Council for their achievement.

We know there is much housing rented from councils and housing associations across the country which is well designed, well built and provides people with the security and affordability in housing they need to get on with the rest of their lives.

We hope there now follows a switch in the national consciousness about what council housing, housing association, social housing means.

For too long there has been a negative narrative and stigma in some parts of the media, from some politicians and others about people who rent their homes from a council or housing association. 

The See the Person campaign was set up to challenge this stigma. It’s untrue, it’s unfair and it has a big impact on individuals and communities. We hope the success of Goldsmith St is the beginning of a public recognition that, just as with private housing, there is great diversity of homes and great diversity of people who live in them.

It’s time to see the person. Take a look at our research and information about our campaign. 

Martyn Lund, Chair

Chris Moseley, Vice Chair

Allister Young CEO Coastline Housing
John Giesen Board Chair Tpas England
Bob Heapy Chief Executive Town & Country Housing
Mrs Susan Roberts Customer and Non Executive Director on Coastline Board Coastline Housing Ltd
Carole Burchett Chair of Scrutiny and tenant Soha Housing
K. Langsford Tenant East Kent Housing /Dover District Council
Patricia Bishop Shared Owner Tenant LiveWest
Danielle Gregory Co-founder Ledbury Action Group
Michelle Ball Volunteer Tenant Red Kite Community Housing
Rachel Branson Head of Communications – staff Town & Country Housing
Janet Storar MBE CIHM Retired Tenant Chair of the Board Nottingham City Homes
Yvonne camille Resident panel board member Town and housing association
Richard Wilkinson Resident and board member Accent
Mick Daniels Tenant Sheffield City Council
Darren Shaw Tenant / Staff Rochdale Boroughwide House
Valerie Edwards Tenant Metropolitan Thamesvalley Housing Assocation
Andy & Rachel Mortimer Tenant Broadland Housing Association
Donna Berry Tenant and supporter of social housing Together Housing
Cyril Bezant Tenant / former, Board Member THA , Housing Corporation / Audit Commission Tenant Inspection Adviser (TIA) Teachers’ Housing Association (THA)
Andrew Johnson Tenant and member of staff Rochdale Boroughwide Houaing
Jenny Hill Tenant and Chairman Runnymede Borough Council/Runnymede Residents Association and Association of Retained Council Houses.
Carol Pearson Tenant North Star Housing Association
Lynne lund Volunteer Kettering Borough council
Lynne Brosnan Tenant Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
Mike Marlow Tenant Origin Housing
Waltraud Pospischil tenant and Housing Scrutiny Panel member Bristol City Council
Susan Searle TOWER scrutiny member Blackpool Coastal Housing
John Donnellon Chief Executive Blackpool Coastal Housing
Siobhan Anderson tenant Bolton at Home
Janet Boston Tenant Chorus Homes
Ann Reekie Tenant Forum Vice Chair and member of the See the Person group Hull City Council
Dave Richmond Assistant Director for Neighbourhoods and Housing Hull City Council
Terrie Alafat CBE Chief executive Chartered Institute of Housing
Brenda O’Carroll Tenant (ex- tenant volunteer) Red Kite Community Housing
Nev Allison Tenant Chair of Tenants Forum Hull City Council
Lynne Brosnan Chair of Representative Body. Chair of Customer Panel. member of See the Person. Representative on NHF Together with Tenants. Rochdale Boroughwide Hpusing
Dennis Rees OBE Board Member Derby Homes
Peter Baffoe Resident Board Member Peabody Group
Kate Booth Tenant, on scrutiny panel. Corby Borough Council
Bernadette kelly Tenant Bolton at Home
ANN hERON TENANT Coastline houseing
Pam Hankinson Customer Scrutiny Group South Yorkshire Housing Associations
Joe cartner Tenant Gentoo group
Trish Blain Tenant Board Member Cheltenham Borough Homes
Fiona Brown Tenant/See the Person Board member Progress Housing
Ann-Marie Basnett-Roberts Tennant Northstar
John Williamson Customer Improvement Panel South Yorkshire Housing Association
Sarah Spilsbury Housing Needs Officer Birmingham City Council
Anne Dean Tenant Also Scrutiny Committee Ex Board Member and several other Committees Nottingham City Homes
Aurora Acone Members Forum member SOHA HOUSING ASOC
Sarita-Marie Rehman-Wall Chairperson National Federation of ALMOs
Nick Horne Group Chief Executive WWythenshawe Community Housing Group
Paul Aird Tenant Jigsaw Homes
Chris Houston MSV Housing

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